A roof top tent couldn't be easier to use, it just requires you to release the locking system at the back of the box, and the top will rise all the way up in a matter of seconds, and your tent is ready. The tent has good insulation and water repellent sides.

Inside you will find a mattress, pillows and linens. Extra sleeping bags and blankets are available for an additional charge, which you can keep in the tent while you drive and explore during the daytime.

Our Camping Car package provides you with a reliable and comfortable transportation to reach some of the most beautiful spots in the world. Drive and tour all day knowing that you can relax later that night in the comfort of your own tent. Your trip is truly on your own time schedule. Sleep under the stars after an exciting day of touring Iceland's picturesque views.

"The tents have an amazing memory foam mattress in them and I slept so well every night! Even in pouring rain and strong winds I stayed warm, comfortable, and dry. The canvas would get a little bit wet but always dried really fast in the morning - made camping so easy!" -Josh Newton

"Would highly recommend this company for a roadtrip around iceland as the tents take 1 min to set up." -Wu