Camping Chair

After a long day of traveling is good to be able to sit down to enjoy the views of Icelandic nature

for just 560 ISK per day

Camping Table

After a long day of exploring, you can sit down and enjoy your meal at one of our camping tables.


for just 700 ISK per day

Cooler Box

Fill it with ice to keep your drinks and food nice and chilly.

for just 700 ISK per day

ground Tent

The roof top tent is suitable for two adults, so an extra ground tent is an good option if more than two persons are traveling together in the same car

for just 2.100 ISK per day

Sleeping Bag

The Icelandic nights can get cold at times, so we can provide a warm sleeping bag for a small fee

for just 980 ISK per day

Kitchen Box (Recommended)

The kitchen box includes gas stove, pot, glasses, dishes, cutlery, dish washing sponge, dishcloth, and hot water thermos

for just 2.100 ISK per day

Gas Cartridges

If you already rented the “kitchen box” you will need some gas cartridges for the stove

for just 1.400 ISK per rental

GPS navigation system (Recommended)

Even even though the Icelandic highway is basically one ring around the island, it can be frustrating driving on a gravel side road just to find out you took a wrong turn two hours ago

for just 1.680 ISK per day

Extra driver

It can be wearing driving all day, so taking turns behind the wheel can be a good idea

for just 1.120 ISK per day

Child seat

for just 0 ISK per day