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Our headquarters are located only a five minute drive from the international airport in Keflavík, Iceland:

When you arrive at the airport, one of our employees will personally greet you, holding a Camping Cars Iceland sign with your name written on it. After signing the paperwork, you are given the keys to your 4×4 rental, and you can begin driving into your wonderful Icelandic vacation.

Remember your camera, because even though you’ll be making awesome memories, it’s still true….a picture is worth a thousand words.
When you return your car at the end of the rental period, we will be happy to give you a lift to the airport FREE of charge.

>>>No buses, no taxis, no problems :-)


We (and the airport) are situated on the Reykjanes peninsula in southwest Iceland. It is located within the municipality of Reykjanesbaer, which has a population of just over 13,000 people.

It is important to note that international airfield is located in Keflavik, and is not actually in the capital city of Reykjavik. Many people do not realize that the airport is 45 kilometres from the Reykjavik city center. If you are planning on returning to the capital city after returning your car, please be aware that your transportation expenses can be costly.

During the second world war, the US military established an airfield and base near where Iceland’s international airport (KEF) is now located. Before KEF was built, civilian planes used the US base for landings and take offs. The base was also a vital stop for transatlantic air traffic needing to refuel enroute to another continent. After KEF became operational, the US base became a significant NATO military base. Today the facility serves as the main international hub for flights to and from Iceland.

Although there are exceptions, where air traffic is routed north to Akureyri or east to Egilsstaðir, these are rare. We do not have exact numbers to hand but it is save to say that over 90% of people commuting to or from Iceland pass through here.