Prior to the start of every rental period, your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned inside and out using liquid soap and water. Soap has been scientifically proven to kill germs and viruses including coronavirus, which is why we take these measures very seriously and carry them out with care. 

Further attention is given to areas which are commonly touched, including the steering wheel, dashboard, centre console, storage compartments and door handles. These are treated with a 70% proof sanitizing solution. The same procedure is carried out for tents and all camping gear.

During cleaning, our staff wear masks and gloves, which are then replaced with fresh ones after each vehicle is cleaned.


Your wellbeing, and the safety of our staff, is something we take seriously. As part of our COVID-safe commitment, we require our staff to wear gloves at all times. This applies to all interactions with you, including confirming any details of your rental, handing over the keys and showing you around your hire car.

Commonly touched surfaces in the shuttle used for airport pickup and drop-off are treated with a 70% sanitising spray before every run. Furthermore, both staff and guests are required to wear masks both in the car and during visits to our office.

You will also find our team regularly sanitising the office. This includes routinely wiping down commonly touched areas such as door handles, desks, and the waiting area with a 70% proof sanitising spray.


In circumstances where any member of staff reports feeling unwell, we have mandated them to stay at home and contact the 1700 Covid hotline number to follow government protocol. Only after receiving clearance from a healthcare professional are they allowed to return to work.