Our sparsely populated island is surprisingly diverse in geographic terms, considering its relatively small size. Each region has particular characteristics and since you’re here, why not take in the full experience? Our 4×4 camping cars are perfect for exploring the natural wonders of Iceland!

“A friend and I spent a week in Iceland this summer. Since one week is really the bare minimum of time you should plan to stay there, we wanted to save time by not... More

— Annika T.

"Traveling around in a jeep with a tent on top, there is no worry about accommodation. We spent our nights in perfect comfort at the most amazing spots."

— Reijer van Wegen

“The bed in the roof top tent was incredibly comfortable. From there we traveled around Europe and, believe it or not, in the end concluded we slept best in Iceland!”

— Megan Rose Phalon

“Very good experience. Friendly, helpful, reliable and car in good condition. The tent is extremely easy to fold/unfold and the bed comfortable. We can only recommend this company.”

— Francesco Prosperi

Take a look at our selection of cars

Ford Escape or similar + Roof Top Tent

From €99.00
per day

Suzuki Grand Vitara or similar + Roof Top Tent

From €99.00
per day

Suzuki Jimny + roof top tent

From €111.00
per day

Suzuki Grand Vitara + roof top tent

From €124.00
per day